Monday, May 07, 2018

Blast from the past. Reality of war, Part 2.

South Vietnamese soldier threatens a Viet Cong suspect, 1962.

This is my second try on this subject.  It started with the news that a Tumblr Page had been deactivated because the young guy had the audacity to post historically accurate images of war.  The corporation stated that he violated their rules because these historic images "incited violence".

Of course that's utter bullshit.

I hoped to make the point on these pages...I tried to get across the idea that the history of mankind includes all kinds of barbarity and instead of shying away from it, we should instead look it in the eye and deal with it...understand it...learn from it and if possible endeavour to never repeat it.

I posted the above pic to help illustrate the point.

What happened?

I guess the usual.  I guess what I should have expected.

People got into the woods instead of dealing with what was depicted.

The caption from the website (paraphrasing) stated that we are seeing a Jewish woman fleeing from Polish boys that were assaulting her.  I focused on the obvious panic on the woman's face.  The fear that is being registered.  I also noted the glee on the boys faces.  The determination to get the deed done.  The apparent desire to seriously injure or more likely kill the woman.

Most didn't fucking get it.

Instead we got an irritating discussion on who controlled the area at the time, whether or not the occupying power (if it was occupied...don't know don't care) was responsible etc...

I found it disgusting.

We have a historic image of a civilian female being chased down in the street, being stripped of her clothes and about to be killed and that's the focus?

Simply amazing.

Get your heads right guys.  Focus on the big picture.  War is hell.  Wars of choice can be called nothing but batshit stupid.  Super power games only hurt little people, never the powerful. 

We have images that can show us the error of those that went before.  The choice is to learn or to ignore.  For some reason the powers that be want those images erased. 

We can't let that happen.

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