Thursday, May 03, 2018

China is being its usual aggressive but non-aggressive self in Djibouti.

Thanks to Nico for the link!

Hat tip to Alert 5.
The military issued a Notice to Airmen, later reproduced on the US Federal Aviation Administration’s website, that there had been multiple events “involving a high-power laser” just 750 metres (2,400ft) from China’s base in Djibouti.

“Use extreme caution when transiting near this area,” the notice added.

Multiple intelligence sources reported that Chinese garrison in Djibouti is suspected of operating a high-power laser weapon to temporarily blind pilots at the base or on a ship offshore, according to a report in Jane’s Defence Weekly last month.
Story here. 

The news article misstates things a bit.  Depending on a lasers power it can do more than dazzle a pilot.  It can cause permanent blindness.

Quite honestly this is pretty mild and we can expect a more "vigorous" response in the future.

I chalk this up to China doing it's usual aggressive but non-aggressive bullshit at the same time.

I think we all get the message though.

China is in it to win it in Djibouti.  They're there to stay and they won't take kindly to anyone trying to get eyes on there base if they can help it.

Side note.  I'm sure we have an almost constant rotation of ELINT, Signal and other recon birds of various types damn near hovering over the base.  They probably can't do anything (yet) without it being obvious but I'm sure they're working the problem.

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