Thursday, May 03, 2018

Corporate censorship is getting out of hand...IS OUT OF HAND!

Corporate censorship is getting out of hand..CORRECTION IS OUT OF HAND!

WTF am I talking about?

Bmashina Tumblr Page is now terminated.


According to the guy its because they considered real WW2 pics (and from other conflicts that showed the violence of war) TO BE BE INCITING VIOLENCE!

I am particularly amazed that they would do this because you can find all kinds of porn on that site (not his page...never saw it once on his page, but on Tumblr...the freaks come out at's all over the place!).

Additionally if you go into certain corners you can find all kinds of racists, homophobic (to the extreme), sexist (to the extreme) and other views that are concerned out of the norm for our society (speaking of the US, not other parts of the world).

I'm gonna have to chew on how I do things going into the future.  I highlighted many of his pics here and have to wonder if I contributed to his ban. If I take pics from Tumblr and that causes people to be banned then I don't need to highlight them to my audience...or at least not tell where I got them from.  Additionally I have to wonder why historic truth is suddenly considered unpolitically correct.

Regardless, the march toward that fictional "1984" is becoming truer everyday.

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