Saturday, May 12, 2018

Iron Curtain on Stryker...

Breaking Defense has an article discussing Iron Curtain APS (read it here).

What I want to point out is how big and bulky these armored protection systems are.  I know the Stryker with cage armor is just as bulky but I really hoped that APS would provide a more streamlined solution.

I guess I'm also looking at this from a Marine Corps perspective.  You're adding a whole bunch of volume to vehicles that are getting heavier.

Talking to a few logistics experts we have that frequent the blog the issue of "cubing out" before bulk out is gonna rear its ugly head even more with these systems on our rigs.

I don't know if these can be considered 1st gen systems but we've got to get something more compact into the future if this is gonna work for US forces.

Deployability is important for our guys and the Army will face the same issues whether by deployment by air or even sea.

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