Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Is Israel going the way of S. Africa?

This is gonna be controversial and emotional to some.

If you can't handle it leave.

If you remain remember this.  My house.  My rules.  If I think you've crossed the line then I don't have to explain myself, I just do what I do.

Having said all that let's get to it.

I notice many like to point out the current atrocities being suffered by White S. Africans.  That's understandable.  But what those same people fail to point out is the atrocities committed against Black S. Africans by the White Majority while they were in power.

What does that have to do with Israel?

I've been thinking about the violence yesterday.

While trying to balance my unwavering support for the Jewish state, the gas that Netanyahu poured on the situation by declaring Jerusalem the "undivided" capital of Israel, the timing of the embassy move by the US and the fact that we just made this move shortly after ending participation in the Iranian nuke deal (I don't believe in coincidence and all this happening in so short a time frame points to coordination...even I could have predicted the reaction to this mess and I'm not an Intel Analyst) makes me wonder why now.

More importantly is the fact that the images from the rioting is so reminiscent of the scenes just before the end of White Majority Rule in S. Africa.

Change the locale.

Change the skin color of the participants.

Compare and contrast the living conditions for those that are labeled the oppressed and those being oppressed with regard to the two countries and EVEN compare the political circumstances.

From my chair it's eerily similar.

S. Africa.  Surrounded by enemies that wanted to drive it into the sea.

Israel.  Surrounded by enemies that want to drive it into the sea.

S. Africa.  At the time a sophisticated, militarily advanced state.

Israel.  A sophisticated, militarily advanced state.

S. Africa.  Possessed nukes.

Israel.  Possesses nukes.

S. Africa.  The oppressed lived in ghettos/slums etc.

Israel.  The Palestinians live in the worlds largest open air prison.

S. Africa.  International pariah.

Israel.  International pariah.

I want Israel to live.  I want to see the nation flourish, but I'm worried that they've embarked on the same course that S. Africa did. 

If that's correct then consider this too.

All the stories we hear about atrocities being committed against white families in S. Africa today will pale in comparison to what will happen to the Israelis.

Don't get me wrong.  I think Israel has been foolish for trading land for peace.  I think the Palestinians have passed up numerous GREAT deals that could have raised their people out of poverty.

I also think there are some Arab states that WANT this tragedy to continue.

But having said all that I wonder if Israel needs to do something to help mitigate the suffering of the Palestinians at the hands of their own inept leadership not for the sake of the Palestinians but for their own sake.

Even if Trump wins another term he can't serve forever.  Eventually there will be another President that isn't pro Israel.

When that eventually happens again the question must be asked.  Can Israel stand alone against massed modern Arab armies and Palestinians at their doorsteps in the modern age?  If they can't then we'll see a modern day holocaust.  If they can then it will mean nuclear hellfire.  Neither choice is appealing.

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