Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Israeli Prime Minister talk on the Iran deal was obviously coordinated...

via Daily Caller.
A State Department official confirmed to the Free Beacon Monday evening that it is "aware of the information just released" by Israel and is "examining it carefully."

"The United States has reviewed many of the documents Israel has obtained relating to Iran’s nuclear weapons program," an official confirmed to the Free Beacon. "We assess that the documents that we have reviewed are authentic."

The State Department further confirmed that "new details in this information are consistent with a large body of evidence and intelligence the U.S. government has amassed over many years on Iran’s past clandestine nuclear weapons program," according to the official.

While the administration's analysis of the document cache is "ongoing," officials said they "agree with the Israelis that…. this information provides new and compelling details about Iran's past efforts to develop nuclear weapons deliverable by a Shahab-3 ballistic missile."

In addition, the new "information indicates plans for Iran’s nuclear weapons program included building five nuclear weapons," the official said. "It demonstrates once again that Iranian leaders have for years lied to the world and their own citizens when they claim Iran has never pursued nuclear weapons."
Story here. 

If we were about getting medieval on Iran's nuclear program then I'd be all for a short sharp bombing/assassination campaign that destroyed sites and killed key personnel.

But I've seen this movie before and I know how it goes.

First we've gotten news that the Iranians are close to a nuclear weapon and that they have the means to deliver either to the US or our allies.

Then we're told that this extreme threat must be faced.  Efforts are made to push thru UN resolutions.  Most fail.  Then we get a coalition of the willing probably composed of MAYBE the UK along with Saudi Arabia, other GCC states, and Israel...and then we posture before the fight begins.

The Iranian regime survives and we station about 35K troops in the region to "deter aggression".

Why am I so convinced that this whole thing is pre-scripted?

How do you go over that many documents and confirm them in an afternoon?

If this is real then this stuff had to have been pushed over to the US at the beginning of this year at least....

What I can't figure is that if they're true then why Macron and other EU leaders unaware of it.  Are their intel services that inefficient?

This is kinda weird.

The Iranian nuke deal was NOT a favorite but it had the chance to take a wild card off the table while we dealt with other issues.  With the happy talk coming out of N. Korea we had a chance to sort some things and tackle that issue at a time of our choosing.


Now we solve (potentially) one mess only to unravel another.

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