Monday, May 14, 2018

Modernizing the Marine Rifle Squad (Must Watch!!!!!)

Gotta chew on this some more.

One thing this video tried to highlight but I have a bit of problem accepting is the claim of a boost in firepower of 300%.

We've been locked into the 3 round burst of the M16 series for so long that we forget that back in the not so distant past we had fully automatic 16's along with M60 Machine Guns.

What's my point?

We just went thru a period of time where volume of fire for the Rifle Squad took a hit and increased accuracy was supreme.

But in the grand scheme of things that's just a little quibble.  It's nothing.  I still can't wrap my head around how a drone operator is suddenly gonna make up for the loss of a dedicated rifleman.

I'm still trying to wrap my head around all the missions that the Expeditionary Rifle Squad is picking up and how that one guy is gonna to fight his squad while engaging in so many other competing missions...locate, close with and destroy the enemy might remain the priority but secondary considerations are popping up.

Oh and one last concern.

That 1000 mile screwdriver.  All that extra comm gear is gonna have the big green dick, sipping coffee and watching porn on his computer all over you.  There will be no escaping it and he'll have a totally different perspective of things.  You know the deal.  Move 1 mile to the southwest.  Easy?  Not when you have to cut your way thru a mile of "wait a minute" vines or slog thru muddy water.

I'll chew on it and get back to you guys.  Meanwhile what do you think?

To be honest it looks good but I don't recall hearing much about testing of the concept.  All I heard is one week they were looking at it and the next they settled on 12 man.  My bet was to go to 15.

Rambling now.  I'm out.

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