Wednesday, May 23, 2018

N. Korea is a cyber superpower. Do they really need nukes? Does any computer literate 3rd world country to prevent invasion?

via Breaking Defense.
To add some perspective to his analysis, Bennett estimated causalities from a two-kilogram biological weapon — up to 85,000. deaths — and up to 110,000 deaths from a one-ton chemical weapon. Yes, up to 85,000 deaths from two little kilograms of a biological agent.

There was much more grim news on the same day that President Trump appeared to prepare the world for delay or cancellation of the planned June 12 summit with Kim. Reviewing the challenges of war against North Korea — whom he described as the equals of the Israelis as innovators — a former senior South Korean commander characterized North Korea as a “cyber superpower.” Just to make sure everyone of the roughly 1,400 people here at the Lanpac conference put on by the Association of the US Army, got his point, retired Lt. Gen. In-Bum Chun, said: “I repeat– North Korea is a cyber power.”
Story here. 

Are we thinking 20th Century Warfare in a 21st Century world?

Don't get me wrong on this and please hear me out.  I know the services are seeking to incorporate cyber tech on a tactical level.  I disagree with that move.

This statement by the former senior S. Korean commander gives me pause and cheers me on in my belief.

Cyber warfare is a strategic, not tactical weapon.

Having said that I also have to ask this. 

Are nuclear weapons really necessary in this day and age?  If a country is able to develop a robust cyber warfare capability then they SHOULD be able to achieve the same effects with the expenditure of pennies on the dollar.

Cyber warfare on a strategic level should not only be cheaper but just as if not more effective.  Not only will you be capable of sending an enemy back to the stone ages but you'll also have the added benefit of watching their citizens die a slow painful death.

I stand ready to be corrected but the future of cyber warfare IS NOT on the battlefield.  That domain will continue to be ruled by weight of fire.  Maneuver. Shock action.  Initiative of individual units.

But on a strategic level cyber could become the new, cheap, yet highly effective and even ecologically friendly nuke of the future.

Note.  From my chair the little fat boy can give up his nukes, hide under China's umbrella and develop its cyber capabilities to make any move against his regime a nightmare.  Make the deal and then target Hawaii or a California city as a test/demonstration and then apologize sincerely and execute a convict to show contrition.  It sounds crazy but that's what I would do if I was leader of that hermit country.

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