Friday, May 18, 2018

School shootings are just a variation of Green on Blue Attacks...the solution is a skilled guardian, not drills...

via Collins Dictionary.
green on blue

phrase used to describe attacks on NATO forces by members of the Afghan security forces

Additional Information

The spike in the "green on blue" attacks has prompted Nato to boost security measures while working together with their Afghan counterparts. The measures include assigning "guardian angels" – soldiers who watch over their comrades as they sleep.
As you've heard by now we suffered another school shooting.  This time in the Galveston area of Texas.

I'm baffled by the reaction of the news media.

Well, not only the media but by gun rights opponents and activists.  Why?  Because this is so simple it hurts.  The US Army understood the problem and took steps to solve it so should schools.

We need Guardian Angels in schools.

We need personnel, not just police, but even former military, retired, vets...anyone that can pass background, psych eval and weapons proficiency that will volunteer to perform this task for our little ones.

The pay?

This should be a public service type job.  Pay the same rate as a janitor but pay for gear and any training/refresher courses.

A few closing thoughts.

Training kids to react to school shootings is idiotic.  In most cases YOU'RE TEACHING THE ASSAILANT how you will respond to their attack.  These aren't outsiders (hence my comparison to the Green on Blue attacks).  These are students that decide to kill their fellow students.

Next we need to stop wasting money on SWAT Teams.  Sorry I know they train hard.  I know they're the glamour boys for their depts but when it comes to active shooters they're always late.  Better to equip street cops adequately to deal with the situation and bump up their training to confront bad guys during the opening minutes of these situations.

Last we need to stop fooling ourselves.  10 people were killed today with a shotgun and a revolver.  You can ban AR-15's but it won't stop the rampage. The only thing that will is people that are of good character willing to stand in the breach to stop bad guys.  Yeah.  A good guy with a gun is the only thing that will stop bad guys with guns. 

You know.

Like that school resource officer did earlier this week that no one is talking about.

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