Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Steel Rain...Enemy style. Do you really think we're ready?

What you see above is the BM-30 Smerch Heavy Rocket Artillery System.  If you're of a certain age then you remember the action in Gulf War 1.

You remember the chest thumping when the arty boys were bragging about not taking out a single tank.  Not a single resupply point.


They're were bragging about taking out entire grid squares.

I ask you a simple question.

If we use the Marine Corps as an example and push forward the idea of Company Landing Teams then imagine using their exquisite mobility to fly 1000 miles behind enemy lines.

Imagine then gathering to conduct a raid on an enemy site of importance during the early stages of a landing.

Then imagine a foe equipped with heavy missiles like this locating that CLT with the use of either UAV or Recon or simply tracking the MV-22's while they inserted our forces.

Then imagine our guys being on the receiving end of "enemy" steel rain.

I ask again.

Do you think we're ready?

NOTE:  This isn't a slam at the Company Landing Team concept.  The same question can be asked of ANY FORMATION, from the Stryker Brigades, Armored Brigades, Airborne Forces.... to even our ideas about Forward Arming and Refueling Points.  I only wish to spark a little real discussion about what we're talking about when we talk peer vs peer conflict.

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