Thursday, June 14, 2018

26th MEU Tank platoon, Polish BMP unit go head-to-head in mechanized assault exercise during BALTOPS....Pics by Staff Sgt. Dengrier Baez

Note.  Oh this should have been good!  I wonder how a MEU would stack up against a Polish motorized unit.  Can't wait to see the pics from the Polish side of this little clash!  Yeah I know it was just a fictional training exercise with LITTLE real world applications but lessons/experience gained about how a MEU would perform against peer mech/motorized units should be invaluable.

This is the one that kills me.  No one defends on the beach and although we have extremely little experience in operating in the defense, even the Japanese learned to concede the shoreline and to take the fight inland.  If any enemy wants to fight us on the beach then we win...and win big.....

Wait...where are the Rosomaks!!!!  I want to see the good stuff lined up against us.

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