Monday, June 25, 2018

A sudden realization. Trump might have unknowingly put the Marine Corps on the chopping block...

I've been hearing news reports that Mattis was against the formation of a space force.  There are logical reasons for opposing such a move.  Militarization of space is undoubtedly happening but to push a "space force" would accelerate that race at a time when we're trying desperately to regain a bit of a technological lead against our competitors.

But there is something else going on too.

Trump just ruined recruiting for all the services with those two little words...Space Force!

Imagine you're an Air Force recruiter and you hit someone with the the old "Aim High" campaign.  Young dude will look you in the eye and say I am aiming high...higher than you guys!  I'm gonna join the space force!

But what I'd like to know and no one has even bothered to ask is what will be cut to pay for such a force?

As much as it pains me to say it, the obvious service would be the Marine Corps.  

Is the Corps the bargain that it once was?

I don't think that claim can be made anymore.

Can the Army perform its missions?

Not as well, but in a pinch and at great cost...yeah...they could.

I've been looking around and social media is all fired up about the space force but no one is asking serious questions.

Trump's space force could be the biggest threat to the Marine Corps since Truman.

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