Thursday, June 07, 2018

Army modernization vid...lots of corporate talk, but still lacking against a peer foe...

Check out the embedded vid.

Do you see what I do?  The Army is saying all the right stuff but they're failing to lift their heads up out of the foxhole and see what's going on around them.

They're so stuck on the idea of cyber warfare, electronic warfare and yes...still stuck on counter terrorism that they fail to realize that we're gonna need an across the board modernization effort akin to the Reagan effort so long ago.

Reagan realized we were behind and sought to catch up.


We can't afford to throw money at the problem so they have to get smart.  Evolution where necessary and leap ahead where possible.

The idea of maintaining pace with allies is fraught with peril.  It's obvious that they will not invest in their own defense.  So we must be first be prepared to defend ourselves and then have the debate about which countries are worthy of our continued protection and which need to be cast in the trash heap of history (with regard to a US alliance).

Back on task.

I hope you guys see something different in this vid.  I hope I'm wrong as two left feet.  I want you to explain to me how this all makes sense and that I should be cheering the effort.  

Do that and I can chill for a sec.  Meanwhile this is wall punching time.  From my chair I'm watching it all slip away.

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