Friday, June 22, 2018

Blast from the past. The Waffen SS, the most confusing formation in Hitler's war machine...

pics via Enrique262 Tumblr Page...

SS-Standartenführer Wilhelm Harun-el-Raschid Bey, the commander of the Osttürkischer Waffen-Verband der SS, meeting the unit Imam Nureddin Namangani for a prayer, Slovakia in late 1944. Harun el Raschid-Bey, a muslim himself, took over the unit composed of muslim volunteers from Turkestan, Azerbaijan, Crimea and Idel-Ural (Volga Tatars) in October 1944. Formed in November 1943 as the Ostmanische SS-Division, it consisted of Waffengruppe Idel-Ural, Waffengruppe Turkestan and Waffengruppe Krim and in March 1945 it was joined by Waffengruppe Aserbaidschanische. Waffen-SS, as a multi-ethnic and multi-racial military force, respected their way of life, their customs, and their religious beliefs. (note...caption is from an obvious SS fan and probable white supremacists...I'm checking the validity of this claim).


WW2 was a batshit crazy time in history.

Supposedly Jews fought fought for Hitler while he was gassing their kin.  He had African soldiers in German Army units while his soldier would kill captured African soldiers without second thought.

And now I'm see the fucking SS going native doing that Special Forces "combat multiplier" shit before it was cool?

WW2 was pure insanity.  Even worse.  It was an ideological war that had very flexible ideas apparently.

Kinda makes the mess we're in look simple in comparison.

Note:  Watching this gif of an SS general partaking in prayer rituals has me fucked beyond description.  How could anyone know this shit happened?  Who would even suspect that it was even possible?

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