Friday, June 22, 2018

DARPA admits that "platform stealth" is reaching its limits...

Misplaced the name of the defense writer that found this juicy little nugget hidden away in a DARPA assessment of US air power.

The relevant passage?

"More fundamentally, platform stealth may be approaching physical limits."

I guarantee that has been scrubbed and tailored for distribution to the public. I remember reading as long ago as 2010 that stealth had reached its limit and that electronic warfare and exotic solutions were the future (this is also the time when we first got word of "plasma stealth" from Russia).

What's going on behind closed doors?

I'm betting that assessments have already been made that stealth as done in the F-35 and MAYBE even the F-22 is dead...certainly in the F-35 which seems to lack the refinement of the F-22.

The evidence is overwhelming.

Raytheon, SAAB and others have already said that they have radars that can detect stealth.  Computing power continues to increase so working out firing solutions with what we could consider limited data is improving too...even without GAN AESA.

The F-35 is gonna need a plan B.  The idea that it will actually achieve first look first kill when it enters service after 2020 is already in doubt.

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