Tuesday, June 19, 2018

From Army Ranger to 2nd LT and onto a "revolutionary in uniform"...The US Army sure knows how to pick it's cadets!

Story here.

I can't even put the dreadful details on this blog.  I can't believe it but this actual has me pissed beyond belief.

This guy actually got commissioned, actually made it thru West Point...basically took the seat of a person that actually wanted to be in the US Army for what are the right reasons...and they don't detect that this fucker was subversive till he shows up at his first duty assignment?  Correction.  They don't detect it till images show up on the net with him flashing Communist propaganda while in uniform?

I'm dazed and confused by this.

How many other traitors are in uniform?

How many other junior officers are actually cheering for the enemy?  How many senior officers?

We deserve better but this new military force won't deliver. 

We will get fucked up in the next peer vs peer war.  We're just too far off the mark to be able to adjust in time to prevent catastrophe.

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