Thursday, June 14, 2018

GCC still getting kicked by the Houthis in Yemen (and off the coast)....

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via Naval
A United Arab Emirates Navy vessel has reportedly been attacked by Yemen’s Houthi rebels during a Saudi-led coalition attack on the Yemeni port city of Hodeidah.

The Yemeni rebel group issued a statement on their official website on June 13 claiming the Yemeni Navy prevented an amphibious landing operation by striking a navy vessel with two missiles.

In another statement on June 14, the group said the “destruction of the navy vessel” was not the first and would not be the last.

CNN has further received confirmation from US officials who said the UAE Navy vessel was struck and caught fire.

This is why I shout so loud about some of the concepts being tossed around today.

Everyone wants to experiment with new ways of fighting without realizing that the enemy is gravitating towards ways that have been shown to work.

Company Landing Teams?

I see that and I see the influence of Special Ops on the Marine Corps.  Everyone forgets because they're so busy sucking on SOCOM dick that special ops are VULNERABLE to conventional forces.

Jam comms and they lose a tremendous amount of firepower.  They're essentially high speed JTACS that or even old skool Recon.  They go deep and then they call for fire.

That ain't gonna work once they're located, and fixed.

We saw that numerous times in Iraq and Afghanistan, yet what is the Marine Corps doing?  Throwing away its vaunted, proven and battle winning combined arms team to copy concepts that will not survive the modern COIN much less peer vs peer battlefield!

Back on task.

The Houthis are kicking ass.  No wonder they want our help taking a port.  They want Americans to bleed for an ill conceived war they started.  Fuck that.  They should send their own people to die for their idiocy.

I'm not to the point of cheering for the Houthis but I do have a grudging respect for what they've done on the battlefield against a technologically superior enemy.

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