Friday, June 29, 2018

I criticized Australian defense procurement. I was accused of it being clickbait. So you tell me...what is YOUR rating of Pacific powers?

Yesterday on a blog post I criticized Australian defense procurement.  A couple of Aussies came onto blog and stated that they were not only solid but a leading nation in the region.

Maybe I'm jaded but I look at the ability to power project as the basis of my criticism.  To me it's lacking in the Aussie Defense Model.

To take it a step further I see them mirroring our capabilities and not bringing anything unique to the table. That pissed some people off.  Ok.  I get it.  You think I'm wrong.

So let's slice this apple a different way.

COMMENTS on this blog post should be about one thing.  How you rate Pacific powers.  A quick and dirty 1 to 5 should suffice and a short explanation of why.  The one caveat?  You leave the US and China off the list.

Why do this?

Because I believe no other region on the planet has a greater chance of peer vs peer warfare occuring.  Additionally I believe that "nominal" friends today could easily become mortal enemies with a quickness.

So how do you rate them?

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