Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Is this a mobility issue or an issue of Europe being unconcerned about a Russian attack? UPDATED!

via NewsMax.
The worried commanders gave such examples as humvees being stuck behind slow-moving semis on narrow roads as they made their way east across Europe, tanks ruining rusting bridges too weak to hold their weight, and troops held up by officious passport-checkers and stubborn railway companies.

Although many of these barriers would likely be eliminated if there were a declaration of war, the unclear period before military action would present a major problem, so much so that during at least one White House exercise that gamed out such a scenario, the logistical stumbles contributed to a NATO loss.

And in an actual exercise last year, a U.S. Army squadron that budgeted two weeks to get their Stryker armored vehicles back by train to Germany from the nation of Georgia instead took four months, leaving the troops sitting in Germany without their weaponry. If a crisis had broken out during that time, the squadron would not have been ready to roll out.
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I wonder.

I've been beating the drum about Europe not paying for their fair share of their own defense but what if the real issue is that they don't actually see Russia as a threat?

We look at this as a mobility issue, something I have trouble with since we're forward deployed, but in actuality its a bureaucracy issue.

The Europeans aren't cutting red tape to allow us to move our equipment across borders so they obviously don't view things in the same light we do.

Instead of getting outraged maybe its time we took note and acted accordingly...


I've been reading some of the comments and they're all valid.  During the days of REFORGER you could crash into a house and the farmer would be paid, life went on and everything was cool.  Car crushed by a tank?  Paid and life moved on.  My understanding is that it got so accepted that people started gaming the system trying to get paid for damages that never actually occurred due to exercise activity (different story though).  For that type of urgency to be absent today  is telling.  Along with the REFORGER line of thinking.  How would we surge units to Europe if a real emergency actually did occur?  Have we even practiced it once in the last 20 years?  Forward deployment might be a cover.  Can we still surge forces in an emergency?  How long would it take?  Would the war be over before we even got the 1st MarDiv aboard ship?  1st Armored?  10th Mountain?

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