Friday, June 29, 2018

The Air Force Needs Army's Help to Best Russia's S-400 Missile

The U.S. Air Force needs the help of the Army to outsmart Russia's enhanced S-400 anti-air defense system, a top general said Thursday.

"Part of the emphasis with our multi-domain operations that we're doing with the Army is trying to find ways that we can defeat these systems together, so that we can get in there faster and be more effective sooner," Gen. Mike "Mobile" Holmes, commander Air Combat Command, told reporters during a breakfast in Washington, D.C.

While Holmes said the S-400's capability in comparison to its S-300 long-range predecessor is an incremental upgrade at best, his concerns stem from the upgraded range of the S-400, a new mobile missile battery called an "F-35 killer" by Moscow.

"Constantly evolving defensive systems, constantly evolving offensive systems, the big things that we see are increasing range and increasing sensitivity of the sensors that are deployed with the evolving surface-to-air defenses," Holmes said.
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The shield of the Army, the vaunted USAF is now looking to the Army so that it can do it's job.

Now do you see why I say the promise of the F-35 isn't realized?

Do you get why I believe that air supremacy has been lost with the debacle that is the F-35?

This joker tried to shift the blame to 4th gen fighters but we're supposedly getting long range missile to take out these systems.  We're buying a shit load of F-35's that are suppose to get within spitting distance and not be detected.

But now they're having to leverage Army long range fires to assist them?

Simply amazing...and depressing...

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