Friday, June 22, 2018

The Marine Corps has lost its first F-35

via Marine Corps Times.
An F-35B that erupted into flames caused by a faulty bracket nearly two years ago has been struck by the Marine Corps, making it the first loss of an F-35 for the Corps.

The Corps made the determination that the costs to repair the costly high-tech fighter would not be worth the return on investment.

However, the Marines have not put out an official strike message for the F-35B because the Corps has not decided whether the aircraft will be used as a trainer for maintenance or a museum centerpiece.

“With the specific F-35B involved in this discussion, the Marine Corps’ cost-benefit analysis determined the repair costs would not yield a sufficient ROI [return on investment] to justify the expenses,” Capt. Christopher Harrison, a Marine spokesman, told Marine Corps Times. “The decision was made to strike the F-35B; however, there has not yet been a strike message as the disposition decision has not yet been made.”
Story here. 

Even if this program and this jet ISN'T corrupt, it IS corrupting!  Since when does it take the United States Fucking Marine Corps two years to declare a jet a write off?

It doesn't!

The games playing with this declaration tells you everything.  This was simple and instead they make the obvious controversial.  Military aviation is dangerous.  Planes will unfortunately crash.  I'm a BIG CRITIC of this program but a plane crash is part of doing work cause shit happens and Mr Murphy will come calling. 

It does make me wonder though.

If they're this risk averse with regard to unfavorable paperwork then how risk averse are they when it comes to pushing this plane to determine its operational boundaries?  Are they so timid that F-35 jockeys will in essence be practicing transporting passengers from city to city in their career after the Corps?

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