Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Trump's pledge to end military exercises with S. Korea (for now) upsets you? KNOW THE HISTORY!!!

I've been chewing on the preliminary agreement that Trump made with the little fat dude and I've been shocked by a number of things.  I'll get to the title but check out these little factoids...

*  Those demonstrations of force had us ALL believing that a military strike was inevitable...and soon.  I fully expected to wake up to the news that USN Carrier X, Y and Z had launched an all quadrant alpha strike on select targets in N. Korea.

*  This is a preliminary agreement.  The SecState and his N. Korean counterpart will hammer out the details.  That's their jobs.  The leaders set the stage, give a framework for what they want to achieve and those that work for them make it happen.

*  As far as the ending of military exercises...ARE THOSE THAT COMPLAIN ON CRACK!!!!  Do they not remember that during the Second Gulf War the then SecDef had active plans to draw down the number of troops in S. Korea.  Additionally there were plans to give operational control to the S. Koreans.  The only thing that has kept us from completely removing our forces is basically the S. Koreans begging that we don't. It's been known for at least a couple of decades that the S. Koreans were not only militarily superior to the North but could EASILY defend themselves from an attack without our assistance.

By the surprisingly BRILLIANT use of military bluster, economic pressure turned to the max and some talk from the President of the US that matched the idiocy of his opponent in N. Korea we MIGHT have dodged the bullet of having to fight another war to keep nukes out of the hands of a madman.

Love him or hate him but on this one Trump deserves a pat on the back.

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