Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Blast from the past. The sad ending of the 1st Special Service Force

via War Doll Instagram Page.
During the war the 1,800-man unit accounted for some 12,000 German casualties, captured some 7,000 prisoners, and sustained an attrition rate of over 600%. It was on 5 December 1944 in a field near Menton, on the southeast Mediterranean coast of France that the 1st Special Service Force was officially disbanded as the war came to a close.
One Canadian soldier recounted the day they were disbanded saying, "It was very very sad because we had no idea it was coming. They just formed us up and asked the Canadians to step forward. So we stepped forward, formed ranks and marched off.
When the Americans were told to close formation, they refused, preserving the gaps left by their departing friends." 
Have to verify this but don't have time right now.  If true this is inexplicable and demands some type of explanation.  If you know the deal then let me know!

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