Thursday, July 05, 2018

Brazil drops out of RIMPAC

via USNI News
Brazil has dropped out of the 2018 Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) exercise after planning to participate in the massive biennial international exercise for its first time ever, U.S. 3rd Fleet confirmed to USNI News.

The Navy had previously boasted a 26-nation exercise, but a recent infographic depicted just 25.

“Unfortunately, due to a change in operational schedules, Brazil will not be participating in RIMPAC 2018, but remains interested in a future opportunity to participate in the exercise,” Navy spokeswoman Lt. j.g. Ada Anderson told USNI News.
“We value our partnership with the Brazilian Navy and look forward to operating with them in the future.”
Story here. 

Kinda disappointing.  From my seat RIMPAC has been totally underwhelming.  The Mexican Marines added a spark, mostly because they do so much real world work fighting the cartels and seem to revel in the high speed stuff but I was really looking forward to seeing Brazil's Marines hit deck with their Pirhana IIIC's and AAVs.

Maybe next year after they settle the drama in the favelas.

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