Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Mattis compares the UK UNFAVORABLY with France!

via The Guardian.
The US defence secretary, James Mattis, has made a surprise intervention in the row over UK defence spending by warning France could replace the UK as Washington’s closest military ally in Europe.

In a leaked letter to the British defence secretary, Gavin Williamson, Mattis expressed concern the UK’s military power was at risk of erosion and compared the UK unfavourably with France, which Mattis pointed out had committed to significant increases in defence spending.

“As global actors, France and the US have concluded that now is the time to significantly increase our investment in defense. Other allies are following suit,” he said.

“It is in the best interest of both our nations for the UK to remain the US partner of choice.”
Story here. 

This is a brutal shot across the bow of the UK defense establishment.

The moderate and much loved US Sec Of Def has outright stated that France could replace the UK as our closest military ally in Europe?

Brutal doesn't quite describe things!

I asked if the UK could still be considered a first rate military power and many wondered why I would even ask such a thing...of course they're first rate.

But what do  you say now?

Add BREXIT to the mix and the UK is in a hurt locker.

One caveat though.

This could all be a game to help the UK Ministry of Defence get their plus up in spending passed by Parliament.  Mattis has shown that he is well versed in playing the political game and I seriously doubt that a letter like this would leak unless that was the intention.

But even if its gamesmanship,  this is still a wild card to be pulled and potentially demoralizing to the British people.

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