Thursday, July 12, 2018

NATO's 30-30-30 Plan...thanks Trump!

Dude accused a previous post of mine to be pure click bait (happening alot lately).  Well on this one I'm not try to click bait ya, just being provocative as hell!

What is the 30-30-30 plan?  Something new from NATO.  Check out the caption that goes with the pic above...oh and this is from the US Mission in NATO Instagram Page.
What does 30-30-30-30 mean? It's @NATO's plan to boost combat readiness by ensuring 30 medium-heavy battalions, 30 fighter squadrons & 30 combat ships from across the Alliance are able to meet any threat within 30 days. #NATOSummit #AlliedStrong
Interesting isn't it.

The Bush Admin complained about NATO member spending.

The Obama Admin complained about NATO member spending.

Trump complains about NATO member spending and suddenly its a threat to the alliance, unprecedented and a threat to the future.

If you're not seeing the connection here then I can't help ya.  Hate Trump all you want but HE IS shaking up the status quo.  He is FINALLY getting our allies to START moving toward doing their fair share to DEFEND THEMSELVES!

The "thanks Trump" part seems like click bait to you?  Seems like he's scaring people straight to me. 

Still hate his tweeting.  He's drifted dangerously close to the racists section of our country.  His tax cuts are pure Republican orthodoxy and benefited the wealthy MUCH MORE than they did the middle class.

But when he does stuff right he deserves credit.  On this he deserves credit.

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