Thursday, July 19, 2018

Ok. WTF is going on in Russia? Now I see something called the "Avangard"???

This is the translated caption...
In Russia, the production of hypersonic combat blocs "Avangard" began. The trajectory of the flight of the planning combat unit passes below the minimum height of the interception of the ABM air defense missile systems.
Details on the site
Ok.  What's going on in Russia?  Why are we getting a sudden flurry of combat systems being revealed now?

Are they trying to send a message or is this coincidence? 

Sidenote;  Still going thru my internet spin around the globe and NOW I read that the Samat ICBM has completed testing.  I mean seriously!  WTF is going on in Russia!!!  What's with this blast of news about new systems?

Sidenote 1;  Just found this puppy....

The question remains....WTF is going on????  This means something doesn't it or am I just misreading the whole thing????

Sidenote 2; Finally this thing....

Ok I'm done.  Unless they roll out a new tank, helicopter or similar piece of gear I'm not posting it.  

Any ideas on why the news dump regarding new weapons?

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