Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Politics Talk. Shrill, Over The Top, Irrational response to the Trump - Putin meeting...

Let's get this done quick and break it down Donkey style.  What am I seeing and what did I see from the Trump - Putin meeting...

1.  I saw a President that simply talked to a major power.  Nixon did the same with Russia  China, Obama did the same (although in secret) with the minor power Iran.  From my seat no big deal.

2.  What is the response?  From my seat its been Shrill, Over The Top, and bordering on the irrational.  Treason for talking to a major power?  Are you kidding me?

3.  A chance to normalize relations with Russia can only be categorized a win.  How it can be viewed otherwise is crazy on a stick.  We have too many issues where our interests meet and we could both benefit.  I'm talking from space travel, to anti-terror efforts to EVEN containing China.  Those who believe that China is a threat to Russia's flank isn't paying attention to history!  We can and should work together.

4.  The idiocy that Trump isn't believing his intel agencies is also bat shit crazy.  They're agencies.  People.  It has been shown that worldwide they can be influenced by group think just like any other collection of people.  Remember the consensus view of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?  I rest my case.

I've been watching this thing thru the lens provided by MSNBC.  On issues like this I don't want or need an echo chamber.  I want to hear what the other side is saying.  In this case its obvious to me that its simply emotionalism on steroids with little rationality to be found.

I'm not impressed.

Not at all.

But I stand ready to be told why I'm wrong.  Hit me with your best shot but be advised....if you pull shit out of your ass then I stand ready to crush you with Odin's spear, Thor's hammer and some Wakandan vibranium....

Send it cowboy...I'm ready!

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