Friday, July 20, 2018

Venezuela is in a hurt locker...we're real close to a failed state in S. America....

Have you been keeping up with what's going on in Venezuela?  If you haven't then turn one eye toward that country.  Calling it Mad Max land is giving it credit.  I think its almost post apocalyptic.  Check out the pic below.

via SAO801
Do you see that? Looks like a joke image, right? Well, it isn’t.

This happens in Venezuela. It looks like nobody knows how is our crisis, because I’ve talked with a lot of people (Americans, French, Canadian and even Mexican people) who really don’t know what is happening.

I’ll explain the imagen.

In Venezuela, we haven’t medicines, even in the hospitals. This is because a patient with hypoglycemia is being attended in this way, because the hospital don’t have dextrose for the people. This is happening in Caracas, Venezuela’s capital. But not only in Caracas, is confirmed that in Maracaibo too, and who know where too.
Southern Command needs to be on this.  Do you remember the President talking about a military intervention into that country?

As much as I think we're stretching our military to the breaking point I think that we all need to wrap our brains around that possibility/necessity of forcibly restoring order and ending the chaos.  Ideally it would be at the lead of S. American countries with them providing troops and the US doing the logistics thing.  Either in a coalition or solo, an intervention is clearly on the table. 

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