Monday, August 13, 2018

FNSS Medium Tank Mobility Tests (pics)...

Note.  Once again a reader of the blog shared pics in the comments section and I didn't get his name.  Apologies to whoever it was and let me know so I can credit you!

The FNSS Medium Tank is intriguing to me.  The concept is simple enough.  Put a tank caliber gun on the hull of an IFV.  BAM!  Medium Tank!

But I wonder.

Most modern IFVs can shred it with their 30mm or bigger cannons (after seeing a pic one of you guys showed of the penetration power of a 25mm armor piercing round you can probably add that to the list too!) and when it comes to actually providing close fire support can you really beat a full on MBT?

Yeah.  I've pushed for the concept for the USMC with the ACV.  But that'a a specialized role.  I'm thinking we need a surrogate for supporting our guys during the assault phase...a big gun that can swim ashore.  The same applies to the Airborne Bubbas with their "Light Tank" concept.  They need a big gun that can parachute in till they link up with heavy forces.

But for general purpose work does it make sense?

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