Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Forgive me but I've got to ask. How many SOCOM dudes are dying ugly?

Some of you guys are gonna get pissed so apologies in advance but it MUST be asked.

How many SOCOM dudes are dying ugly?

I watched Chapman's medal of honor presentation ceremony and I'm gonna read the citation but FUCK!

Alone on a mountain top for an hour?

Abandoned by fellow SOCOM bubbas?

Fighting savages alone and then engaging in hand to hand combat before you finally meet your God?

Forgive me again but how does anyone but this bubba rate the MOH from this action?

We're celebrating these guys but from the outside it sounds like a total clusterfuck from hell happened that day.

Again I know you guys are gonna be pissed but someone has to ask the question.  Oh and remember this.  This was the beginning of the war. SOCOM was at the height of its power.  Everyone was rested.  These were the elite.  No watered down standards and everyone was damn near handpicked.

If this happened when they were at their best then what has gone on since that we haven't heard about.

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