Thursday, August 30, 2018

II MEF Commanding General introduced to new Amphibious Combat Vehicle

A U.S. Marine Corps Amphibious Combat Vehicle (right) and an Amphibious Assault Vehicle (left) are staged outside the II Marine Expeditionary Force Headquarters Building at Camp Lejeune, N.C., Aug. 28, 2018. The ACV has undergone testing for the past two years at various facilities including the U.S. Army Aberdeen Test Center in Aberdeen, Md. and the Amphibious Vehicle Test Branch on Camp Pendleton, Calif. The ACV has a landward maneuverability and mobility superior to the AAV and will eventually be replacing it as the Marine Corps’ primary amphibious vehicle. (U.S. Marine Corps photo Sgt. Takoune H. Norasingh)
Geez that is an awesome looking vehicle.  Never realized how big it is till this photo.  It almost dwarfs the AAV (well its only a bit bigger but you get the point).  Oh and did you get the wording in the caption?  Will eventually replace the AAV?  I wonder if they're going to make this "interim" vehicle the replacement till tech improves to a high speed water, land capable infantry fighting vehicle???

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