Friday, August 17, 2018

Is the Russian 57mm the heir to the WWII German 88?

Thanks to Mr T for the pics!

Simple military history.

What was the most effective German anti-aircraft gun of WWII?  What was the most effective German anti-tank gun of WWII?  What was the most effective main gun of German Tanks in WWII?

Opinions of course vary but if you said the 88 you'd be in good company.

Now check out these pics (and the pics of the BMP-T 15 that I posted earlier).

The Russians seem to be making moves to mount the 57mm cannon on everything in their arsenal (or at least have it fitted).

This is the evolution in ground combat that I've been waiting for.  Whether these are plentiful or not doesn't matter.

A new standard for IFV firepower is being established.

Much like the 88, this new 57mm cannon looks well placed to fulfilling an anti-air and anti-vehicle role.

Plus its an extremely tidy package too.  I LIKE IT!

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