Monday, August 27, 2018

John McCain. A mixed legacy at best...

Can we get real for a second?

John McCain has passed and while that is a sadness that will affect EVERY family on this planet, I can still sympathize.  The passing of a loved one is always painful.  I know this personally.

But this isn't about just expressing the best to the family in their time of pain.  This is about John McCain's legacy.

I've read and watched accounts of his life and the title of "great" man tossed his way but I have a serious problem understanding the accolades.  From my seat his legacy is mixed at best.

His combat history is undoubtedly heroic.  To strap on an fly from a carrier into the teeth of the most ferocious air defenses of that age is nothing short of awesome.

But what came after is shaky in my opinion.

As a Republican Senator he was known as a maverick and caused much pain for the party.  I watched the made for TV moment when he voted down the repeal of Obama care and grimaced.  In hindsight everyone in that room knew what was gonna happen except for the viewing public. 

But even forgetting that moment (recent history so its probably NOT a true example of his record) the only other noteworthy things I can remember is his pushing for the "surge" and watching what should have been a short mixed result war drag on into a quagmire.

Even worse is the fact that he seemed to love wars world wide and wanted US intervention in every country imaginable.

Do you remember his pushing for a bigger foot print in Syria?

Do you remember his pushing for the US to bomb Iran?

Do you remember his pushing for every bloated budget for the Pentagon without demanding reforms and accountability with regard to spending?

Mixed record is being kind.  That's my opinion but I'd love to hear what you guy think.  Why is he being lauded as being great with such a spotty record of REAL achievement?

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