Thursday, August 16, 2018

Man tries to enter the bathroom stall where your daughter is at. Is it right to beat him to death?

Melvin Harris III is an Arizona father who beat a man to death after the man tried to enter Harris’s daughter’s bathroom stall at a Phoenix convenience store, officials say.

26-year-old Leon Armstrong, the man accused of trying to enter Harris’s daughter’s stall, suffered a broken nose and a severe brain injury after the beating. Police say he eventually succumbed to his injuries and died.

Did you read the story?

Ya did?

Good.  Bout time you followed simple instructions (just playing but its obvious some people don't get simple info before making judgement calls)!

So where did this guy go wrong?

He should have caught the guy in the act and shot the fucker dead.  Of course I have to wonder why he would have his daughter out a freaking midnight to go to a Gawd Damn convenience store, but that's beside the point.  Poor parenting is not a crime.

Why his daughters didn't call out in terror is beyond me too.  That part I don't understand.  Thankfully I don't have a daughter cause I'd be paranoid beyond description but if this kinda thing happened I would like to believe she would be screaming for me like there was no tomorrow and I HOPE ON MY VERY LIFE that I would rush to her defense no matter what (actually there is no need to hope...fuckers would die ugly if they tried to hurt my mythical little girl).

But back on task.

Dude went wrong because he was informed after the fact and then pursued the dude for a beat down.

I think (and Law Enforcement bubbas correct me please) that if his daughter had yelled, he came running and he beat this dude the way he did that he would be ok.

The fact that he hunted him down is where things go off the rails. 

After the fact it became a police matter.

But forget me.

What do you guys think?  And I have to put it out there.  Does this sound legit?  I have a sneaky suspicious that we're missing a piece of information here.

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