Friday, August 10, 2018

The "New" Bronco is gonna be trash....

via Jalopnik
A few months back the Blue Oval brand let us know a small off-roader was on the way in addition to the new Ford Bronco, all to better contend with Jeep. The teaser image Ford released didn’t tell us much, but recent remarks from an investor presentation appear to point towards something that is more like the Jeep Renegade and less like the Wrangler.
Read the rest here and weep for Ford. 

How can some many so called smart people in so many areas be fucking it all up at the same time?

Do they not know their audience?

No one wants the new Bronco to be a Jeep Renegade clone!  I was once jazzed about the Bronco's reintroduction but this is pure trash.

I'm done with the "new" way of doing things.  I'm done with shit being "reimagined".  This will end badly for Ford and many other institutions (some I cherish).  Chest thump now.  Tell me I'm wrong now, but when the bill comes for your idiocy I'll be waiting.  There won't be any "I told ya so" but there will be quiet satisfaction in knowing that you can't do shit easy and expect it to be good.

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