Sunday, August 26, 2018

US Navy - 2nd Fleet : Ready To Fight

First!  That was NOT a US Navy Ship that was shown in the first few seconds of this vid.  Unless the 2nd Fleet is gonna be multi-national then we're looking at false advertising.

Second!  I cannot think of a SILLIER waste of resources than to reactivate the 2nd Fleet!

The reason for the activation?  To deter Russia.  EXCEPT RUSSIA DOES NOT OPERATE AN OFFENSIVE NAVY!

You want to know why empires fall?  It's because they chase imaginary enemies instead of facing the dragon at their gates!

We're worried about a bear that doesn't want a fight and ignoring a dragon that wants to destroy us by any means necessary.


Leave the politics in Washington and get serious about defending our nation.  China is the threat.  Not Russia.  This move illustrates my biggest fear.  We have a short time table to get our house in order and prepare for the big fight on the horizon.  Instead of getting ready for that fight our politicians in uniform are posturing for cocktail parties in Washington and NOT doing the hard work of informing the public, decision makers and orienting our forces.

Future generations will curse us for our stupidity!

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