Saturday, September 01, 2018

1st MarDiv...They came out of the fog...

This has been a very long week for 1st Marines, 5th Marines, 7th Marines and 1st Tanks in this year's 1st Marine Division Super Squad Competition 2018. Today, all of their hard work will be rewarded. Our warriors will be treated to a well-deserved Warrior Breakfast. This will be followed by the awards ceremony, where the winning unit will be announced. Before live coverage of the ceremony starts at 0900 (PST), take a look at the highlights from this year’s competition! To see more photos and videos from Super Squad 2018, check out the link in our bio! 

Competition helps foster the will to win, builds camaraderie and helps everyone involved improve!

1st MarDiv held their annual Super Squad competition and I didn't post about it!  What the fuck was I thinking!!!!!

Expect us to circle back and you'll see highlights of it here...well you will when I can track down the pics...

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