Saturday, September 29, 2018

Another coordinated and orchestrated attempt on behalf of the F-35...

You know what irks me most about the F-35?  Its the sales job they're trying to push on us.  I can remember at the start of the program when they tried to push stealth as being the reason why we had to have it.  How stealth was unbeatable.  Then they moved on to sensors when it became common knowledge that GaN AESA could track it.  But the problem with the sensor argument was that its mostly based on the F-35 having an AESA array...but then 4th gen fighters were getting them by the basket so they then moved on to sensor fusion.

I still have yet to hear what that is.  If you ask 3 people you'll get three different definitions.  What I do know is that one person sitting on his behind going at high subsonic speeds has to process all that info.  Will they be able to and will that lead to winning the fight instead of information overload is beyond me but that's what they're hanging their hats on (if you're telling me that its putting everything on one screen instead of three then i'm gonna lose it!).

But put all that to the side.

This latest gambit in the "let's sell the public the F-35" saga is obvious and obscene.

What do I mean?

The rollout of events this week.

*  Recon missions in Somalia.

*  A strike mission against a STATIONARY target in Afghanistan.

*  Then the carrier landings on the Queen Elizabeth.

If you don't think this whole thing wasn't orchestrated then you're either naive or foolish...probably both.  The US has MORE THAN ENOUGH assets to be able to handle those missions without shagging the MEU all over the place, or flying the planes all over creation.

The Brits even went so far as to embargo news of the landings and the US played along....until they deemed fit to release it.  THEY TREATED CARRIER TESTS LIKE A COMBAT ACTION!

The crash in S. Carolina threw a serious monkey wrench into the whole thing (the pilot is reportedly ok so that's the good) but we should all be concerned.

I don't care if you're a supporter or critic of the program.  You should be pissed that so much effort is being devoted toward "propaganda" instead of pushing 110% to get this thing up and running the way they've promised us.

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