Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Another Hurricane another chance for USMC AAV Company to shine...

A hurricane is headed toward the East coast of the US.  If past is prologue then what do we know.

*  We know that there will be some that won't listen to the warnings.

*  We know that for all the bluster we'll hear from SOME first responders that they won't have vehicles capable of high water rescues and the small boats that they do have are insufficient to the task.

*  We know that AAVs can go damn near anywhere, can carry a ton of people and supplies.

*  We know that we're faced with a possible tragedy and that this is when the USMC should be leaning forward.  FEMA?  They're enablers, not true responders they're not equipped to handle it.  NorthCom?  The last major event the chick in charge looked completely out of her element.  She was behind the curve almost immediately.

My recommendation?

This is a chance for a AAV Company to shine.  Get them to forward staging points and have them ready to assist.  Additionally I'd add a LEO and a Navy Corpsman to every track so that our people can concentrate on getting the job done.  The LEO can handle any problem individuals (of course the Marines will stand ready to help) and the Corpsman will handle and characterize any injured they stumble across.

The only thing that could make this better if they follow this recommendation?

Do a real world test of the ACV in HA/DR that this storm will bring.

Other than that I hope the USMC is ready to do some work in the homeland helping Americans...

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