Saturday, September 29, 2018

Germany postpones heavy-lift helicopter contest

via Flight Global.
Germany has postponed the start of an acquisition of new heavy-lift helicopters for its air force, throwing the timeline for retiring the service's ageing Sikorsky CH-53G fleet into doubt.

Berlin had been expected to launch the procurement this year, choosing between the new CH-53K and Boeing's CH-47 Chinook. However, both potential bidders were notified in late September that the process had been put on hold.
Story here.

The stars are really lining up for the CH-47 to steal this order.  A delay will bring two things.  Still lower price for the '47 and increased performance.

The Marine Corps' CH-53K while substantial still pales in comparison to the anticipated production run of the Army's CH-47.  If price is gonna count then that means slightly less capability for foreign forces but more robust support and a dynamic supply chain.

I could be wrong but I think we can almost call this a win for Boeing.

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