Saturday, September 15, 2018

Is Armatec hoping that the AAV-SU program still lives?

via IFPress.
Armatec isn’t giving up on its $60-million contract with the U.S. Marine Corp, not yet anyway.

The Dorchester armour-maker recently issued temporary layoff notices to 28 workers, after the marines issued a stop work order on a contract to install Armatec armour on its amphibious assault vehicles.

But those are 90-day notices as the military reviews its budget and the work may come back, Rod Flick, business development director, Armatec, said Wednesday.

“It is still a program of record. There is nothing official yet from the Marine Corp and it is still in the budget until 2023,” he said.

“The armour contract is for another five years and we hope it is back on track.”
Story here. 

I don't cheer the loss of jobs anywhere but I do hope the ACV is performing to a standard that allows the Marine Corps to focus on modernization rather than further upgrades.

The AAV has served us well but its obvious that the old girl is tired.  Adding more lipstick won't make the beast better...just cover up the warts, bruises, scars and bullet wounds she's suffered over the years.

Better to retire her with dignity and welcome in the new ride.

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