Sunday, September 30, 2018

Mig-31 with new anti-sat missile? UPDATED!!!

Thanks to Drinas and Vodknar for the pics!

decipher this pic for me someone!

UPDATE!  Thanks to a Russian reader (someone that can read Russian...although I do have Russian readers!), we have new info.  The last slide/pic indicates that its being touted as a sat launcher for "small civilian" sats.  Ok.  I can roll with that but its also obvious that it can be flexed into a military role.  I imagine without much effort it could become an anti-sat weapon.  This should give us pause.  The US military is focusing hard on "net fires" this and "battlefield" net that.  What happens if the enemy decides to exploit that vulnerability.  I can see that we're putting a lot of eggs in that basket.  What happens if its taken away?

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