Sunday, September 02, 2018

More indications that the F-35 is seriously underperforming...Lockheed Martin is shopping a F-22/F-35 hybrid...

via Investors Business Daily.
Lockheed Martin (LMT) is reportedly shopping around a F-35/F-22 hybrid concept, combining aspects of the two 5th-generation fighters as the Pentagon begins work on a 6th-generation fighter that could take decades to develop and field.

To counter threats from near-peer adversaries like Russia and China, Lockheed has pitched to the Air Force and U.S. allies a fighter that has an upgraded F-22 stealth body and the F-35's avionics, according to a report by Defense One.

The idea doesn't seem so far fetched as Lockheed is also pitching a hybrid idea to Japan, which is looking to replace its aging 4th-generation fighters.

Backers of a F-35/F-22 hybrid fighter note that it would provide an incremental improvement over the existing, cutting-edge fighters, while the Pentagon embarks on a yearslong effort to design and build a 6th-generation fighter.
Story here. 

Read the article but consider this.

Its all batshit crazy.  The F-35 is suppose to be unbeatable right?  Its suppose to serve till 2070 right?  Against current and projected fighters its suppose to be able to give us a 20-1 win ratio right?

So why would a tier 1 partner like Japan want a different fighter if the F-35 is so solid?

Why would Lockheed Martin offer this hybrid if their current fighter performed as promised?

The truth is coming out and it looks pretty damn dire for Western Air Power. Souls were sold to get the F-35 into service and it looks like the devil is coming to get his due.

We're seeing a frantic but low key scramble to fix the mess that the F-35 has foisted on us.

Boeing is pitching a missile truck F-15.  Japan is looking for a new fighter and although they have full visibility on the F-35 want an advanced F-22.  Even the UK (another tier 1 partner) let it be known that they were embarking on a 6th gen fighter called the Tempest.

Things are getting real in F-35 land and the fanboys are nervous.

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