Tuesday, September 04, 2018

"Political expediency to protect F-35 funding"????

via NewsRep.
A new report released by the independent watchdog organization Project on Government Oversight (POGO) alleges that the defense contractor responsible for the development and production of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter downgraded no fewer than 19 critical issues plaguing the aircraft as they approached the September 15 deadline for the aircraft’s initial testing and evaluation to be complete.

Issues identified with the aircraft are categorized based on the level of threat they pose to the aircraft and to mission accomplishment. Category 1 issues are considered the most pressing, described by the Pentagon as issues that “may cause death, severe injury, or severe occupational illness; may cause loss or major damage to a weapon system; critically restricts the combat readiness capabilities of the using organization, or result in a production line stoppage.” According to internal documents obtained by POGO, 19 problems with the aircraft that have been listed as “Category 1” were recently downgraded to the less severe “Category 2” despite having no plans in place to address or correct the problems. Category 2 deficiencies are still considered serious, but only represent a threat to mission accomplishment, rather than to the pilot and aircraft’s safety. As of January of this year, the F-35 still had 111 Category 1 deficiencies and a further 855 Category 2 issues that needed to be addressed.

“With the revelation that officials made paperwork fixes to make these serious deficiencies appear acceptable, it seems that much of that work is being ignored in the name of political expediency and protecting F-35 funding.” The report states.
Story here. 

If a Marine loses a weapon there is holy hell to pay.  Not only will that Marine be punished but everyone up the chain will wish they had a huge jar of petroleum jelly to ease the pain.  The entire battalion will be out on line walking ranges for days, spending nights in the field to recover that piece of gear.

Mess up a trillion dollar program?

Pats on the back, stock options, bonuses and seats on board's of directors...in addition to a cushy retirement instead of jail time.

Crime pays.

If you run in the right circles with the right corporations that is....

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