Sunday, September 23, 2018

REVA FAV (Fast Attack Vehicle)

via IHS Janes.
Deep penetration and long-range reconnaissance based on mobility, speed and firepower are attributes of the new REVA FAV (Fast Attack Vehicle) being displayed on Stand CP-110 on its first foray into the Middle East by Integrated Convoy Protection (ICP), the South Africa-based manufacturer of REVA armoured vehicles.

ICP has already sold a variety of its vehicles in the Middle East and is using IDEX as a springboard for additional contracts.

Armament of the FAV would depend on the end user’s specific operational requirements but would typically be a .50 M2 HB machine gun (MG) on top, and a 7.62mm MG alongside the driver.

In addition to the driver and commander of the vehicle, provision is made for up to five dismounts.

According to ICP, the critical parts of its FAV are armoured and the front-mounted powerpack consists of a Cummins diesel engine coupled to an Allison automatic transmission and an Atlas transfer case.

The company is quoting a maximum range of 840km for the FAV. Power steering is provided as standard, as is a manually operated central tyre inflation system.

A font-mounted winch is fitted for self-recovery operations and a replacement wheel is carried on either side of the FAV at the rear.

ICP is well known for its REVA (Reliable, Effective, Versatile and Affordable) series of mine resistance ambush protected (MRAP) type vehicles. More than 600 of these have been built for the export market; customers have included Iraq, Thailand and Yemen. The latest version, the REVA V, is a 4x4 vehicle that features independent suspension for increased cross-country mobility and an improved ride for the crew.

The REVA V has a crew of two plus two gunners and 10 dismounts, who are provided with blast attenuating seats in the rear troop compartment.
I continue to marvel at the most unsung military vehicle of all time ... the humble jeep.  Don't know about you but when I look at the REVA all I see is the son of jeep.  Might be wrong but the lines are damn near unmistakable.

Looks good though.  Plus I like the "keep it simple" approach.

I'm still not sold on the fast attack meme being pushed by damn near everybody simply for the fact that it doesn't make any sense (IMO).  Why are ordinary APC/IFVs tipping the scales at over 30 tons, yet at the same time you're pushing the idea that these light vehicles are not only necessary but survivable?

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