Friday, September 21, 2018

Space X's BFR in flight...

Read an article about this earlier in the week.  Some aeronautical engineer was claiming that the project was too ambitious..that people would die...that building a spaceship out of carbon fibers was a step too far.

Typical naysayer stuff.

Ya know what I thought?

This guy must be part of NASA.  That bubba must be part of the cabal that has practically stalled US space efforts and turned us into robot sending explorers instead of having humans venture out into space.

This was probably one of the bubbas that built the shuttle and had us stuck in near earth orbit instead of reaching out to the moon like we did almost a half century ago.

Drink that in.

Pretty soon it will be 50 years since man walked on the moon and we haven't pushed forward yet.

Space X might be overly ambitious but at least they're daring to try. 

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