Monday, September 03, 2018

Turkey Can’t Accept US Impositions, Needs Both S-400 and F-35s....

via Defense Aerospace.
Turkey's foreign policy, as stated by officials in various platforms, is defined by multidimensional diplomacy, and so in supplying its defense needs, Turkey gets in touch with any partner it sees fit to carry out negotiations. While building such channels of dialogue, Turkey aims to maintain equally strong relations with other powers with which it develops military, economic and diplomatic ties. Thus, the country maintains a balance that helps it not be dependent on a single power.

In this regard, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said Friday that Turkey needs both Russian-made S-400 air defense systems and U.S.-made F-35 fighter jets, adding that it was not acceptable for the country to accept the U.S.' impositions. 
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This is simply too delicious.

The F-35 cabal has set this program up so that it would be teamed with the very systems its designed to defeat? 

Turkey might be the first but won't be the last potential customer to want a US fighter and Russian anti-air systems.

The problem?

They'll be able to practice detecting the F-35...the same F-35 that we operate and info matter how tightly you attempt to control it, information migrates.

So in essence we're giving Turkey the keys to detecting the F-35 in reality, not just theoretically and the Russians, Chinese and anyone else that might want to fight us will have that info too.

Now we get a chance to see how desperate the F-35 crowd is.  If they make the sale and try and downplay the significance then we know the truth. The F-35 ain't what they're telling us it is.  If they don't?  Then we know that the cost of plane won't go down enough for a full buy.

Delicious doesn't quite describe it.

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