Sunday, September 16, 2018

“We were stronger. We were ready. We were more physical them!” ... LSU beats Auburn

Two seconds left on the clock.

LSU has charged down the field in the last 3:10 seconds of the game (by my watch) in a 14 play drive that has the home crowd stunned.

Over a 100 thousand people in the stadium and you could hear a pin drop.

Now.  Last seconds.  The game rests on the shoulders of perhaps the least athletic member of the team.

The camera flashes over to him.

The little bastard is actually cocking his head!  He's strutting around like a rooster left in a pen with nothing but hens!

He's calm.  He's cocky.  He has no doubts.

Time is called.  He trots onto the field.

The ball is placed, the holder looks to see if he's ready and he nods his head.

The snap.

The kick.

The ball sails STRAIGHT THRU!

LSU WINS!  LSU WINS!  LSU WINS! LSU wins on a last second field goal with two seconds left on the clock!


There was no doubt.

You can't beat the boys from the bayou!

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