Thursday, October 25, 2018

10 explosive devices found? This is turning beyond weird into the surreal...

If you're watching the news then you know that they're up to 10 explosive devices found.


Even stranger?

We're seeing groundskeepers being aware enough to take a suspicious package out to the woods?  An actor being targeted?  John Brennan (not CNN as some of the news media is pointing out)?

This is going from the weird to the surreal!

Do you consider this a real terror event?

I don't.

It just doesn't sing.

This doesn't have the "aura" of being a real threat.  It's not moving the needle on my "spider sense" at all.

Consider this.

Remember the Boston Marathon bombing?

The sad reality is that ANY IDIOT can put together a bomb.  It ain't rocket science and you can even find instructions on the internet! (note.  don't you dare do a search, just take my word for will definitely get highlighted and suddenly find six foot two, two hundred thirty pound gym rats with machine guns from Quantico at your door...and not from the Marine side either!).

Many have said it and I'm on the bandwagon now.  This thing is REEKING of a false flag affair.

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